About Debbie

I am a Personal Trainer in fitness and nutrition. I see people for functional exercise, weight loss programs and coach people from base to sports conditioning. I have also become a specialist in corrective exercise as a CHEK Practitioner which means I am able to help people with corrective exercise for muscular imbalances, spinal problems and core conditioning which may be causing you pain. This also means that as my assessments are thorough I can help people with injuries and help them get out of pain as well as ensure the exercises are correct for the individual and will not cause injury or pain. I have studied holistic lifestyles in depth and I am a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 which is the most advanced level. I hold a Diploma in Exercise Referral for Medical Conditions which furthers my expertise as a RGN. I have furthered my qualifications with a more advanced Diploma Specialism in Exercise and Nutritional Interventions for Obesity and Diabetes.

I continue to work on a part-time basis as a Registered Nurse in medical wards in hospitals in the central belt of Scotland. In my health coaching, I will also work with people with weight problem issues in order to prevent consequential medical conditions. I have developed extensive knowledge of healthy living and I am motivated through my experience as a nurse to prevent and alleviate illnesses, medical conditions and/or musculoskeletal problems. In my practice, I will combine my knowledge and skills as a Personal Trainer and with my expertise as a CHEK Practitioner and Registered Nurse in a more advanced holistic way through the CHEK process with my coaching.

Within my role as a Health Coach I have taken on six foundation principles that I mention in my video on this page. Thinking, Breathing, Movement, Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep. These principles highlight how there is something simple that runs through everything in my approach and if you adhere to this you will do incredibly well and be able to lead a healthy, happy and productive life with that outstanding body and have that level of fitness you thought you would never have. It is the wrong approach to take it for granted that because you don’t have a disease that you are well. This is because there are numerous precursors to medical conditions. If you do have a disease, depending on what that disease is and how advanced it is, I can help you. I can help you regulate your blood sugars whether you are diabetic or not, I can help reduce your blood pressure as well as alleviate the symptoms of several medical conditions (see page on Exercise Referrals).

I can help you get rid of your back pain or improve a joint problem, deal with a postural problem or help with a muscular imbalance. As a CHEK Practitoner I have been trained at an advanced level in musculoskeletal assessment and prescribe you programs of exercise that will help you get the body that you want. I can most definitely help you lose weight and get trim to have a cool body. I have a holistic approach to my clients. My place in the fitness industry is one that sees you not only as a whole person but also to consider you empathically, understanding how you feel not only due to my own experience but also through my knowledge of the humanistic approach, which derives from my nursing years.

I practice face to face, globally online, or more locally here in the Edinburgh, Lothians and Lanarkshire area. I’ll come and see you in your home, in your office and in the park. Health Professionals i.e. your GP, Consultant, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist can refer to me or people can refer themselves. I hold current Disclosure Scotland documentation for my Personal Training/Exercise Coaching as well as my Registered Nursing. Packages are negotiable at time of first free consultation as they vary in price in accordance with length of package and frequency of days per week.

I bring with me, up to date evidenced based practice from current research in relation to appropriate and corrective exercise for medical conditions and/or musculoskeletal problems, including nutrition to complement these modified exercises.

Benefits of my Programmes

Improved fitness performance Improved health

Healthy weight loss Increased energy levels and vitality

Increased strength & conditioning Increased motivation

Improved mood Stress reduction

Improved sleep patterns Decreased Pain

Improved concentration and memory Reduced ageing process

Improved personal relationships

Improved eating habits Improved digestion

Understand and manage cravings Improved hormonal balance

Disease prevention. Early detection of complications

Immediate/Prompt reporting back to a health professional in the event of signs and symptoms of complications.

Professional feedback to referring health professional

Improved post surgical recovery

Alleviation of many symptoms Reversal of some symptoms

Better quality of life

Overall sense of well-being


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