Svelte Body Boot Camp Training

with Debbie Miller Health Coaching

in Victoria Park, Glasgow.


Streamline Your Body, Mind and Life. Let’s Train and Not Drain.




































  • Lose weight
  • Get Fit 
  • Get ready for your day 
  • Feel energised and focused 
  • Train and don’t feel drained 
  • Keep injury free
  • Keep learning every session.
  • Get more out of your day 
  • Learn exercise that have been done for 1000’s of years
  • up to 5 People 
  • No kit to buy 
  • No bootcamp when it rains


Morning Bootcamp 9-10 am TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS

Evening bootcamp  4-5pm  TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS



Debbie’s motto is “Less is more so lets train and not drain”


If you’re looking for an energising, relaxing session before you got to work or after work. Join Debbie in a balancing, healing boot camp.  These are affordable sessions that are state of the art so look no further than Debbie Miller Health Coaching.

Perfect for those who want to feel energised and not over trained, be pushed not drained. You’ll be led by Debbie Miller Certified PT  and C.H.E.K. Practitioner. Join her in fitness workout with a difference with a group of friendly like minded people in Victoria Park which is a place of nature to further boost your energy.


Debbie makes sure your sessions take into account any of your past injuries and your fitness goals are achieved. This signature boot camp’s is revolutionary.

Sessions are safe and effective by training you in an energy building and not energy depleting way.  You will learn some things every session so you’re guaranteed an awesome varied workout every time. This signature boot camp’s a revolutionary posture improving, core conditioning, body strengthening and mind, body balance first, as you’ve never seen before.


Helps balance your autonomic nervous systems to makes sure you feel great at the end of your session. Go to work or go home and sleep well after a hard day at work. Many boot camps will over train you and cause imbalances that can lead to pain over time. They can also give you more stress in the long run which causes you to gain more fat. But don’t just take our word for it. Come along and join in. We know after one session you’ll be energised and balanced for what ever your day turns into!




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1 session per week

No minimum term




Tuesdays and Thursdays

No minimum term




10 class credits

12 month expiry




Call Debbie on 07757080299 or email