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Hello I’m Debbie Miller and I’m a Chek Practitioner. This blog is to explain t what I do and about how the approach I use would benefit you when you come to me as a client. I’m a Personal Trainer who specialises in helping people with weight loss as well as with musculoskeletal pain and injuries. I will help you reduce stress factors in your life, which would help create balance and lead to optimal health and well-being. This is all done with state of the art approaches to diet, exercise and lifestyle management through problem solving. It is by following six principles that I show you that you can achieve the body that you really want. CHEK means Corrective, Holistic, Exercise, Kinesiology and is the best way for you to achieve your desire to have the body that you want and/or get out of pain.

As a holistic practitioner and healthcare professional I view people as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic human beings and help them take responsibility for their own health. This is done by means of guiding you through a step by step coaching process. Chek Practitioner’s are regraded the best qualified personal trainers in the world and respected to be far beyond the highest standards in this profession. I also bring 32 years of nursing experience having used methods to promote good health and prevent ill health in people for a long time in my work as a registered nurse. Conversely, something different I do as Chek Practitioner is I will help you find the root cause of what is happening to your health and work together with you to solve the problems in your life with positive results.

My combined approach guides and supports people with the correct type of exercise which is based on individual needs whilst steering away from the cookie cutter, quick fix approach that are practiced by many other fitness and well being professionals. As a Chek Practitioner I design exercise programmes that not only address toning, sculpting or building muscle but rather more importantly addressing musculoskeletal problems that may have lead to or have the potential to cause injury. Examples of this would be posture problems or muscle imbalances e.g. due to large amount of weigh loss without exercise. Muscle imbalances can also be due to faulty movement patterns caused by the job you do and/or doing the wrong type of exercises leading to injury. The exercise programmes I give people are put together following a detailed musculoskeletal assessment. I will also do different health assessments that will determine what is causing your problems.

Following a detailed assessment, I will assist you with a nutritional profile based on looking at your body type, whilst considering you’re genetic make up and the environment around you. This is derived from the biggest piece of research ever done on nutrition, which is evidenced in this extensive work. Helping you achieve a healthy balanced body

In this day and age stress isn’t only mental/emotional but also caused by various factors such as the toxins in food and the issues with the environment. I will asses your physiological load and design programmes that use the right balance of working in as well as working out. This is in order to reduce stress levels and balance the body. A big important factor is the correct individualised nutrition as it will address these stress levels. I am highly qualified to help you with this.

Another approach I do with people is helping use mind/body connections through spiritual pursuits by looking at different zones of the body. The use of different forms of meditation, connecting with nature, using energy work such as energy scanning, muscle testing, emotion coding, using methods to help with stress and trauma release, body mapping, reflexology the use of essential oils, crystals and Chakra work.

So, this is what I do. I help people achieve healthy, happy, productive lives. So it’s not about jumping around doing exercises, shouting at you like a sergeant in the gym or standing you in a line and shaming you about your lack of weight loss. I stay away from these kind of approaches as they are very damaging indeed and only have a short term effect anyhow. What I have shown here may seem far removed from conventional medicine or mainstream fitness in gyms etc, but it’s really just about following the six principles. Once you understand the process with my coaching you are on you way. My methods will bring you a way of looking at your fitness and well-being in a permanent way that can last for the rest of your life. There is so much I can help you with. Hope to see you soon.

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