Why “Eat less, Move more” advice is severely flawed. Glasgow

In this blog you will come to understand why “Eat less, Move more” advice is so totally wrong and why this still currently used advice is actually contributing to your own resistance to weight loss. Let’s get real about this, if weight loss was simply a matter of calories in and calories out don’t you think the 70% of the population that are overweight or obese would be shedding the pounds long before now.
Here’s the thing:
“The way we eat is just part of a long series of processes that involves several factors that contribute to our health. Whether or not our waist size drops is only one factor in those series of processes”.
Weight loss is not about calories and how much you have. It’s about many things, including:
  • What we think about ourselves.
  • Nutrients.
  • Body type and composition.
  • Your environment.
  • Your genetic make up.
  • Hormones.
  • What type of exercise you are doing.
  • How often you are exercising.
  • Toxins in food.
  • Where your food is coming from.
  • Quality of your food.
Unfortunately, we have been conditioned by the food industry and certain people to think that those numbers on the back of the packet (which are the calorie count) are more important than anything else. In fact the concept of calories is severely flawed. Most of us have tried this and I hear you telling me “Yes, it doesn’t work”. Unfortunately a lot of the people giving the advice are not really good role models and are giving the wrong advice. I know, because I was one of these health professionals myself at one time and it took a considerable wake up call for me to make the change. No wonder we are confused when you consider that almost half of health professionals are overweight or obese.
Have you ever wondered where the concept of calories was created? How calories came in to existence?
Back in the 1800’s – yes the 1800’s, was when the term or notion ‘calorie’ was discovered. Isn’t the fact that this was that long ago not shocking enough in itself. Back in those days the calorie content of our food was measured by burning ash. Since our metabolism involves the burning of fuel, this became a commonly accepted measure of how we evaluate the energy required to burn food. I hear you saying “Surely that can’t be right” You are right to think that doesn’t make sense.
Therefore, every calorie count, on every food label is wrong. This is because they are based on a system of averages that ignores the complexity of our individuality; the uniqueness in each and everyone of us, in terms of our digestion and metabolism, how we are made and where we come from.
The television show The Biggest Loser diet restricted calories to 70% of baseline energy requirements – usually 1200-1500 calories a day. This combined with several hours of “high intensity” exercise six days a week. Their average weight loss was 127lbs over 30 weeks. 6 years later 13 of the 14 contestants who won have all gained the weight back on again plus more.
The main reason for the weight gain was because their metabolism slowed down significantly and the body does this in order to survive. So the “Eat less Move more” idea is based on a false idea that energy is stored like a single compartment model. This single compartment model does not exist anywhere other than in our imaginations. Both body fat and glycogen can be used for energy in the absence of food. The type of food you eat and how you exercise can alter what fuel sources you use. Additionally we have to consider insulin and how it is being metabolised in the body, but that is another blog. We also have to consider that a female’s metabolism changes throughout the month depending on levels of oestrogen.
You can read all about my own history of calorie counting and over exercising in my blog “My journey through adrenal fatigue” here on my website. Personal experience taught me the hard way to improve my health the correct way. As you can see this was with life changing results.
It is by working with me that you can get to know:
  • What is happening with your body and how to follow a regime that won’t burn you out with calorie counting and the wrong kind of exercise.
  • The right way to get the correct nutrition for you and your uniqueness, including fluid intake.
  • What happens to your mind and body when you over exercise and don’t get enough rest and relaxation.
  • How breathing correctly is crucial for your health.
  • How much exercise is too much and what is the right kind for you.
  • How sleep is a big important factor in all of this.
  • How to enjoy life while you are on a health improvement journey to reduce your weight and have lots of energy while doing so.
I want you to think right, eat right, drink water right, exercise right by moving correctly, breathe correctly and get the right amount of sleep.
Never mind all the societal pressures filled with untruths and contradiction. Come and see me and I’ll help you find the answers to getting that amazing body.
Debbie Miller
11th August 2019

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