Success story number 8

Gillian’s Testimonial

I had always been relatively fit and healthy as an adult and had never particularly worried about my weight or my figure until i got to my early thirties. Getting married and having 2 children in the space of 4 years changed things quite a bit! I found I no longer had the time or energy to go to the local gym to attend exercise classes. I was also eating more. I also lost my husband to brain cancer a few years ago and the massive impact of this and having to bring up the children on my own plus run the business of a busy pub. As a result  my weight crept up and my figure wasn’t as toned and trim as it once was.

I eventually decided to do something about it and as my husband was always such a positive guy and he found out of getting into shape himself. I figured I could do this as he would have wanted me to.

I started off by going for walks and although it seemed hard to begin with, having not really exercised for years, I stuck at it. I lost a stone within the first 9 months and got to a weight I felt I could maintain.

I was getting a little bored of just running though and wanted something a bit more challenging to keep me on the right path. I saw Debbie on Facebook and decided to meet up and have a chat with her.

My husband had been training for two years and had been trying to gently persuade me that I might enjoy it too! I decided to give it a go! I went on and enjoyed my taster session so much that I decided to sign up for a three month block initially. Debbie’s nature was very engaging and she makes you feel relaxed as well as making the sessions fun. I feel comfortable with her training me.  She is a mine of such useful information about creating wellness in your life. To Debbie it’s not just about restricting calories or doing relentless fast paced exercise. She helps you achieve optimal health and well being and with this my body has become balanced and I have achieved a healthy body that looks and feels amazing. At the start I was convinced I didn’t have great stamina or much of a competitive mindset. Debbie said he thought I could easily become a size 10… To which I chortled.

So after listening to her talk about the foundation principles of health I decided to give his suggestions a go and ma a few simple adjustments to my eating (and drinking) habits as well as my lifestyle and mindset.

I surprised my family by my determination but more than that I surprised myself! I’m actually much more determined than I thought I was. 

My mother noticed a real difference in my outlook to life – that I was much more positive.

The regular fitness regime with exercise that not only involved working out but also working in got me really hooked. Debbie’s easily followed and straightforward nutritional and lifestyle advice and her own drive and motivation helped me lose another stone and a half over the next few months. The support that Debbie has given me has been a Godsend.

It is no15940691_10155699107923696_4779939403527201469_nw 9 months since I started with Debbie and I have never been healthier or happier. I’m now a size 10 and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been in my life. My children are really inspired by their new trim mum, I rarely get a cold never mind any other ailment and I’m 2 and half stone lighter than when I started! Not bad going for a 35 year old mother of 2!




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