Inflammation and it’s Relation to Body Fat Composition

This blog is going out to some of my friends who requested information on inflammation in relation to body composition. I’ve just done an internet search and found a guy who wrote a blog on 10 ways to get fat. Interestingly enough they were all ways that increase inflammation.

There is a little disclaimer here. We could easily create a doctorial thesis if not a library on how inflammation affects body composition. In real terms we want some inflammation. The only way we have no inflammation is if we have no repair going on and that’s when we are no longer living. However, too much inflammation clearly moves our body composition in the wrong direction i.e. when we hold extra body fat. The guy I read about was holding 524lbs in body weight when he started his blog. That’s creating a whole lot of inflammation. Inflammation means fire within, we want fire within but we want fire that’s just enough at the right amount of time in the right spot. Obesity creates inflammation everywhere and burns us up and burns us out and is the top risk factor for death of nearly all causes. That includes cancer as it is the number one tumorous factor. Obesity definitely distorts the immune system. It creates an increase in stress hormones which results in a decrease in sex hormones as well as reduces our good anabolic hormones – a number of disease producing factors.


Do we burn fat? Yes we do. We burn that within something called the mitochondria. Fats are stored in long chains in our body and they have to be broken down into medium and short chain triglycerides to get into the mitochondria to burn. That requires something called peroxocils which by the way are inhibited by an inflammatory process and more specifically by the cortisol response to the inflammation. So as we burn the fat there are 22 little nutrition steps of the electron transport chain to make the energy within the mitrochondria to kindle the process. Each one of those requires a nutrition co-factor. So guess what, we need to have good nutrition. Moreover, what about such factors as toxicity. It’s simple – all toxins inhibit mitrochondrial function, therefore decreasing fat burning and causing oxidative stress.


However inflammation can be caused by trauma e.g. too much exercise, high levels of stress, toxicity and that can come from eating the wrong foods, drinking poor quality water, eating conventionally farmed foods, being in a toxic environment with pollution and/or using chemical laden cleaning products or toiletries/beauty products. These things are rampant in our society.


So lets look to this mitochondria and how they actually work. Truth is we can train our mitochondria “use it or lose it” with good exercise. Elite athletes have about 600% more mitochondrial efficiency. This is highly significant. It’s not just the mitochondria in the muscles but it exists in their brains as well so they will have better decision making factors.


Now lets go back to this concept of inflammation. How do we get too much? We already know about trauma, toxicity and nutrient insufficiency. Lets look an inflammatory lifestyle. To avoid this you need to follow the basic principles of good health by eating correctly, drinking the right amount of good quality water, sleeping  correctly, breathe in the right way, move correctly, think and talk in the right way and make sure you poop the right poop every day. These are 7 principles that make it quite simple. Stick to these and you will keep unhealthy inflammation at bay. But what happens, what is the opposite of that. People eat wrong. What’s wrong – processed foods, conventionally farmed foods that contain toxins and too much of this. People don’t drink enough water in relation to their body weight every day and very often that water contains factors that cause disease. If you drink the right kind of coffee and tea then that is nutritious water. Energy drinks are just empty calories that put too much sugar in your body which becomes toxic.


Thinking and talking right, this is about managing your stress – meditate or use mindfulness on a daily basis this in turn changes your thoughts so you don’t carry the toxic burden of negative thought. Using positive affirmations helps you attract what you want in life. This is not just about the conversation you have within yourself and too others but the conversation that ourselves have with one another. Too much inflammation interferes with the communication process as well as all the other principles here.


Breathing right is so important. Many of us have inverted breathing patterns that can be caused by such things as stress factors and faulty movement patterns causing poor posture, due to the wrong kind of exercise and doing jobs and every day movements that cause muscle imbalances. Learning to breathe correctly both during exercise and in everyday life can prevent many deteriorating health conditions.


Move right, the right kind of exercise will keep you happy and keep you healthy but not over-inflamed. Doing exercise that makes muscle imbalances worse inflames your body and you will get a visit from the pain teacher. If you are already in pain then see a suitably trained physiotherapist or a CHEK professional like myself. Seeing me will make sure you exercise is correct and not lead to that pain and inflammation.


Sleep right, which is a tough one for most, myself included. I have to budget a lot of time to get enough sleep. The reality is we should all get enough sleep so that we sleep straight through, falling asleep deeply and wake without an alarm. Our circadian rhythms are designed so we go to sleep around 10pm then waken 7-8 hours later. One of the biggest causes of inflammation and therefore disease is lack of sleep.


Pooping right is about detoxifying the body. You’d be surprised how many people do not poop right 1-2 times a day with a soft-formed bowel motion without much effort. This is also about drinking good quality enough water every day and getting enough fibre in the diet.


The long and short of it is – how does inflammation affect body composition.

Negatively!!! Too much of it is a really bad deal. It breaks down lean body tissue and increases fat.




Debbie 12/10/2018


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