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How long has it been since you last talked to someone about your health and received the encouragement and support that will help keep you focused with your fitness and health?

Have you been able to follow any good advice you were given?

Has your GP advised you to change your lifestyle? Do you feel you can’t see how you would  be able to follow that through without help?.

I can help you!


Real people need patient, careful, empathic COACHING

This involves providing information by coaching and not telling, guiding and not bossing. Asking the right type of questions that are powerful enough to empower the person to make a change.

This means

  • LISTENING to their needs and what they want to accomplish.
  • LEARNING how they live.
  • DISCOVERING what’s really important to them.
  • And then working together to create the right approach to exercise and nutrition that is personal and unique, based on their goals, lifestyle, metabolism, body type and personality.

Good coaches observe progress carefully and correct the progress as necessary.

With my Healthy and Wellness Coaching I provide you with the perfect template to offer a unique individualised way to improve your health, vitality and appearance. I integrate realistic long term strategies along with focusing on the changes in behaviour required to achieve positive outcomes. Its not only about achieving goals, but on changing the behaviour that prevents long term change. I use coaching methods that empower my clients to take responsibility for their own health and determine the level of commitment they are comfortable with. Coaching is a dynamic process that puts YOU in charge.

As your Coach,  I will conduct comprehensive assessments and on going reviews via face to face, email and video chat.


  • Motivational assessments and guidance
  • Breathing pattern assessments and correction (ask Debbie).
  • Medical history assessment.
  • Biometrics screening – involving measurements of height, weight, body composition, body measurement , blood pressure, blood profiling (if pertinent).
  • Core, back postural and muscular assessments.
  • Movement analysis
  • Motor skills assessment
  • Physiological load assessments
  • Hormone profiling
  • Shopping assessment
  • Kitchen and cooking assessment.
  • Risk assessment in relation to disease prevention.
  • Falls risk assessment.

By looking at the whole self, results can be improved significantly. In my one to one coaching sessions, we work through manageable, yet powerful steps to improve health and wellness. Exercise programmes and nutritional plans will be tailored to the client’s needs with exercise training  and nutritional coaching chosen in accordance with type of training and body/metabolic type. We can create accessible, manageable and practical solutions to create long term health and vitality.

My experiences have shown me that just going to the gym is not enough for most people. Exercise can be really enjoyable in the gym for some. However there are others who prefer not using the gym the gym i.e home, workplace, swimming pool and/or outdoors.  There is also a real need for a more holistic, humanistic approach to health and fitness that is not available in a lot of health and fitness areas. The gym scene may be safe in a practical sense but it may seem threatening for various reasons to some individuals.

I endorse the principles used in coaching methods of a down to earth approachable person, who can empathise and respond with sensitivity and maturity. I bring this approach from my nursing practice and from working in specialist fields. Through coaching, the professional support and encouragement I give my clients will produce the best results possible. I can provide the perfect template to offer a unique individualised way to improve health,  to prolong life as well as improve the vitality and appearance of those concerned.

Packages and Programmes:

  • Fitness Training – customised to individual and may be one to one, tandem or group training.
  • Nutrition and Food – the cornerstones of true health and wellness with meal planning and shopping advice. Hints and tips for recipes. Guidance regarding holistic nutrition.
  • Lifestyle  – critical for success. Includes stress management and sleep hygiene advice.
  • Coaching – knowledge , support and professional accountability. Confidentiality guaranteed. Use of GROW model of Coaching.
  • Holistic Guidance – balancing the mental/emotional root causes to create long term success rather than short term gratification. Mind/ body balance lifestyle cultivation. Advice regarding resources to implement these.

Length of time for each programme:  Research shows that true transformation takes a minimum of 12 weeks.  Periodisation programmes will be implemented over a realistic timescale.

Inclusive in these packages:

  • Weekly one to one sessions with daily food and lifestyle accountability.
  • Ongoing assessment throughout time together; where you can email me at any time and prompt response will follow.
  • Use of online resources.
  • Take home resources and tools are inclusive and increase success.

Packages can be either health and lifestyle exercise programmes for accelerated results


Containing tailored exercise programmes of functional corrective movement or training to suit the needs of the individual e.g. modified due to medical condition.

Your 12 week programme includes one 60 minute session per week, either face to face, in the workplace, home, outside or online via video chat. You will have email support between sessions. There will be regular online support hints and tips with, help to improve lifestyle, recipes and different types of exercise advice via email or text.  Programme design will be reviewed every four - six weeks and altered or modified accordingly. Coaching and support in every session to help you make the change that leads to the change that you desire . You will have my personal commitment to your health and success.

Coaching is about YOU. Come and see what YOU can achieve.

One conversation could change your life. Schedule a 60 minute health consultation with me and kick start that change.

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