I have always been a motivated person but my Mum helped me on a journey to health and wellness that has transformed my life. I am 30 years old and I have had a three stone weight loss over the last two years. It is thanks to my Mum Debbie Miller for assisting me in doing this and helping me achieve a healthy balanced life. I turned to my mum for help due to my obsession with eating rubbish, never taking enough exercise and due to a need to improve my mood. I was 28 years old and my fitness levels were so low I felt a lot older. I felt sluggish and I was emotionally low and irritable most of the time. I had just come from a destructive relationship and my patterns of behaviour in relation to my food intake and exercise, were poor, unhealthy and inconsistent. I needed to be accountable, not only to myself but also to my Mum who is a healthy lifestyle expert and has the knowledge to help me. What I have enjoyed more than anything else is Mum’s “changes over time”  approach and I believe this has been the most important factor to my success with my health to date. Mum became my gym buddy, we went out running together. She was there for me, to help me with my gradual change of lifestyle factors about the right kind of diet and the best exercise for me and not to follow a script like those found in most magazines. The advice she gave me was based  on current evidence. I knew that my Mum had worked so hard to be where she is right now and I had the utmost respect for that. The changes that my Mum had guided me through have been brilliant and they have really worked (and continue to work as time goes on). I now eat in relation to my body type. My eating habits are consistent and I never feel like I am on a diet. My choices when eating out, for example are so different, yet so good as I move away from standard meals to “proper food”  I now have an eagerness to be in the gym and Mum has shown me the right kind of exercise for me and when to make the changes I need. These changes have resulted in me having a three stone weight loss. I feel stronger, my energy levels have increased as has my motivation and commitment. My Mum has helped me on a journey to health that means I will have the courage and strength to do things in life I thought I would never achieve. This has helped me make the decision to immigrate to Australia to a promoted post with the company I work with. Thank you Mum for your ongoing support. Thank you for your expertise and encouragement. Your clients/patients in the future will benefit greatly from your knowledge and spirit. Thanks to you the reader for looking at my  journey to health. I hope to get the chance to read about your journey too.

*Please bare in mind that results can vary from person to person

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