Debbie’s holistic approach – looking at all areas of my life and not just focusing on exercise – was exactly what I needed. Previously I had set out with a burst of energy and enthusiasm for a new gym programme but very quickly burnt out and became demotivated again.

Debbie was very clear about taking time to put in the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle first and build up the exercises gradually. The stretching and flexibility plan alone helped my chronic back pain immensely and encouraged me to stick at it. I was given a clear plan for building up my core strength and fitness slowly and surely without tiring myself out.

The time I have spent training with Debbie has set me up to be more mindful of my whole lifestyle and encouraged me to stick with the plan as I can definately see the benefits – body and mind.

Sinead –  September 2015

*Please bare in mind that results can vary from person to person

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