*Testimonial number 6 – Susan’s experience

I have been a client of Debbie’s for 6 months and would like to write on my experiences of Debbie’s health coaching .
I had pain in my wrists , lower back and knees before I started work with Debbie . She assessed me and make measurements of my spine , head , neck and limbs . I was found to have a ‘forward head’ which was putting pressure on my back and neck . She showed me exercises like the ‘Standing wall lean ‘ and’ Shoulder clocks ‘ and Lewitt’s technique , which really helped with this and after a few months I felt that my posture was better and also some of my friends commented the same .

The single arm dumb bell exercise was very helpful for my sore wrist and toned up my arm muscles well which I was pleased about . Debbie encouraged me to purchase a foam roller and I did some longitudinal exercises on this especially before I went to bed and found them to be very good for relaxing my spine and relaxing me before I went to sleep . I also purchased an inexpensive swiss ball which enables me to do a variety of exercises which toned up my core muscles and leg muscles . They do take some time to master as they are not exercises that I would be instantly familiar with but once mastered I found them very effective . Push ups on the ball really strengthened my arm muscles and squats on the ball really strengthened my leg muscles . She also encouraged me to do calf stretches and squat stretches which helped with my suppleness.
The exercises that Debbie showed me were not at all strenuous but they were very effective . They do not involve running around circuits or anaerobic runs . they are in fact gentle measured movements which are surprisingly effective . Debbie’s plan also takes your life style into account and acknowledges if you have had a stressful or busy day and encourages you to do a programme of more gentler exercises and if you feel full of energy there are more challenging programmes to do . What I liked about Debbies regime was that nothing was that it went at your own pace and you did not feel like you were being forced or coerced into doing any exercises that you weren’t able for . You took it all at your own pace and were not made to feel guilty if you had an ‘easy day ‘ so to speak .

Debbie also gives advice about healthy eating and life style and interesting facts about food that you might not necessarily know . But it is left up to you if you want to take this advice . For instance, I was pleased to hear that real butter is much healthier to both eat and cook with than margarine , a fact that I did not know and was happy to adopt . However, I do like red wine too much to give up so I have instead tried to drink less of it. Even having a couple of glasses twice a week I still managed to lose a bit of weight – 17 pounds to be precise.

Debbie was willing to come to my house to work with me which was great . She is also a very positive and encouraging person who believes passionately in her work and is very enthusiastic about the exercise and health regimes she uses to help people.

Susan Forbes  25/03/2016

*Please bare in mind that results can vary from person to person

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