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I’ve just completed another one-off my advanced courses and decided I’d move away from studying musculo-skeletal issues as I’ve been looking at that for months now. So  I’ve now been doing some current research on nutrition. I’m  really pleased to bring this information to you all today.

What’s important to remember is that we are not like machines. We are all different and have different bio-chemical and bio-mechanical requirements. Some of what we are currently seeing in the media on nutrition absolutely drives me bonkers, I don’t know about you. It must be so confusing for everyone. However, it is such a massively important subject. Have you noticed that talking about nutrition nowadays is as serious as talking about religion and politics.

People are so set in their ways about nutrition that it’s difficult to have a conversation with anyone any more.

We have vegetarian’s saying that vegetarianism is the only way. We have paleo people saying paleo is the only way to eat, Atkins people here, Keto people there. People saying you can’t eat this before that food. It’s all just insane really.

Here’s the thing. The truth is that none of these matter anymore as not only are these forms of nutrition not researched enough but often they are researched wrongly. 

First thing I want to say is let’s just stop all this nonsense about nutrition. Truth is there is a terrible cultism about what to eat. If you people are not going out of your way to find the healthiest, cleanest, organic, grass fed, locally sourced and free range food money can buy then you are bringing about your own demise.  There are corporations out there like Monsanto that are literally poisoning us by poisoning our food with chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides and fungicides. If you want to find out more about that just google “The World According to Monsanto” and find out for yourself. If your not convinced and think that there are regulatory bodies to protect us from this then you are wrong. We need to bear in mind that there is  a lot of the people in these regulatory bodies that actually used to work for companies like Monsanto.Look what happened to Monsanto recently. It has been sued for millions because of causing serious ill health in people due to the production of a toxic chemical called glycophate getting into food. This large corporate company has also been taken to the European Court of Human Rights for crimes against humanity for the same reason.

No matter what way you eat we all need to support small farmers, organic farmers. We need to go against the large corporate companies that are slowly killing us.

So I’ll get off my soap box about that one now and let’s look at eating naturally as a human being. As a human being at the top of the food chain I have canine teeth. As human beings we are omnivores. Omnivore means to eat all. Enough said about that.



Many of us have forgotten how to eat in accordance with being a human. The main purpose for us eating is to fuel our bodies. So the first thing we have to look at is what foods will actually serve this purpose of fuelling. However, the balance that we need to find here is in normalising blood sugar levels whilst fuelling. I will show you more about blood sugar as we go on.

The second thing we need to consider is having foods that support the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland and the liver. There are a lot of foods around these days that actually suppress these organs to the extent that we become unhealthy people. The thyroid is the energy producing gland. When the adrenals get affected due to our blood sugar levels which is caused by the cortisol levels due to various types of stress, our energy becomes depleted due to the  knock on effect on our thyroid gland

There is s lot of obesity going round with the majority of the population in UK either overweight or obese. The reason for this is because there is a lot of food out there that suppresses or damages the glands I have just mentioned. 

When you eat naturally you also support the liver by eating organic food that is free from toxins such as those affected by companies like Monsanto. 





In the meantime, you can take steps yourself to ensure your own good health by eating naturally – by finding the healthiest, cleanest, organic, grass fed, locally sourced and free range food your money can buy.

The third thing is eat foods that reduce inflammation. Whether you are suffering from obesity or being overweight, if you have multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, digestive disorders such as ulcerative colitis or Chrohn’s disease these are diseases caused by inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the start of every disease process. The question is “Where does that inflammation come from.” Well it doesn’t just jump into our bodies. It comes from what we put into our mouth. If you use your mouth as a garbage can then we can only expect to get inflammation in the body. This is  the reason we have so many autoimmune disorders which is what leads is to chronic diseases.

So if you want to stop this nonsense that we see out there in the media  and get back to the basics to prevent getting a chronic disease and be as healthy as you can be then we need to consider the above three factors. 

Avoiding processed food that has been artificially manufactured in any way is very important. We also need to ensure we put the correct proportion of macronutrients on our plates. Macronutrients being proteins, carbohydrates and fats. 

It’s simple really. Proteins I call my eyes catagory. Anything that has eyes to see with, or comes from something with eyes to see with – is a protein. Not these protein powder shakes by the way that has gone through a machine and been artificially processed. I had a bad reaction to one of these and it sent me on a journey because I was consuming a product that was not compatible with my biochemical make up. 

So this moves into the subject of eating correctly in relation to balancing macronutrients and to metabolic typing.

Having that perfect diet to suit everybody does not exist ………because of metabolic individuality. 

If you eat the wrong type of macronutrients in your diet then you put yourself at risk of becoming very ill indeed. Any medical condition can have numerous causal factors. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue and even lack of sleep or headaches. If we talk about being overweight or obese. It could come from any level in the body it could be structural, it could be physical, it could be due to chemical toxins or heavy metal toxins in the environment. It could be the body is not getting everything it needs causing an imbalance. It could be due to mental emotional stressors and blocking factors. 

If we are going to discuss being overweight or obese this could come from an emotional stress and/or trauma experienced in life. It could come from a structural imbalance due to environmental or other more intrinsic factors causing a metabolic imbalance in the system. Not just from diet.


It’s not a problem of calorie intake. Each persons body needs specific types of food and nutrients and if they get the wrong type of fuel then this will cause that person to got out of balance and they may lay this down as fat. It means  different diets have different effects on different people. Different stresses can cause a central sensitivity in certain people that leads to imbalances and disease. 

It boils down to thinking of the cells of your body as like an collective engine. To get nutrients to convert to energy effectively you have to put the right fuel into your body. Everything that takes place in our body depends on energy production. If you eat the wrong combination of foods you will slow down your repair and recovery time.

Human beings have survived all over the world for millions of years. We have evolved in different ways over these years. So eating food like our ancestors in its natural state is challenging. We just need to be sure that we eat that way but in accordance with what suits us as individuals and to change in accordance with our environment.

This is why there will never be one diet to suit everyone. It’s about giving your body the right kind of chemical balance that keeps it in homeostasis and in its own healthy environment to protect it against the chronic conditions.

Although being healthy can be complex, there is always simplicity in nature. There are no two people that are identical. Everyone is unique on every single level of the body and each of us has underlying causal factors. To find simplicity however, the two principles that are required to remember are:

  1. Give the body all of the right things. The right kinds of foods and the right balance of macronutrient ratios. Everything which has a genetically based requirement.
  2. Get rid of all the stressors and blocking factors in that persons lifestyle.

Then the innate intelligence in your body that’s in every single cell that knows what to do will program itself to really be able to live to its genetic potential to be a healthy as possible.

Metabolic individuality is real and the nature is simple. Just listening to the body and making yourself self sufficient in this is a massive factor in understanding what is happening to your body. When you get to this point life becomes very simple. 

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I’ve done it so you can too.


Good sources of reading:

Biochemical Individuality by Roger Williams

Metabolic typing by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey


Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price or 

Pottenger’s Cats – A Study in Nutrition by Francis M Pottenger

Price/Pottenger Nutrition Foundation



Debbie Miller

14th July 2019





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